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Zuzana Sisiak

Zuzana Sisiak is a Reiki Master teacher, Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher. She is passionate about passing on her knowledge to others, to help them self-empower and create the change they need. She teaches and practices what she loves.

Zuzana is a strong believer that it brings positive change in health and overall quality of lifeat all levels: physical, mental, energetical and emotional.

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Zuzana Sisiak Classes

Abundance & Prosperity

Use the law of attraction to manifest your perfect day, your dreams and to attract more abundance in your life. Expand and enrich yourself with peace, stillness and intention setting. The results – a successful and productive day!


In Japanese, Reiki means universal life force. This guided meditation starts with a guided Awareness meditation that flows to individual Reiki healing to leave you insightful, calm and refreshed. On a scientific level, studies show Reiki increases white blood cell count to boost the immune system. It can also relieve pain, insomnia, anxiety and much more. You only need to keep an open mind and set an intention on healing. As always, open to all levels.

Meditation of Awareness: Stress Release

Join us in this beautiful meditation of awareness of all your senses.

Zuzana offers meditations in Kundalini lineage where we use different breathing techniques, dynamic movements and mudras (hand postures). We meditate in silence or we chant mantras.

For each session there is a carefully selected theme that combines all these components.

All this in mind to raise our vibrations to not only feel good, elevated and invigorated but at the same time to relax and calm our minds to achieve emotional balance and mental clarity which is necessary to live balanced and fulfilled life in today’s stressful world.