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What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting
What to Expect as a First Timer
When you first start to meditate, you’ll likely experience mental distractions every 2 seconds.  Simply don’t beat yourself up about it.  Actually just outright don’t try too hard.  This is one of the core principles of meditation — stop trying too hard.   Because obsessing over your distractions will focus more energy to those random thoughts.
“Wow, that’s the best business idea I’ve ever had. I better think a lot about it. I should write it down… right now.”
“Maybe I should make that phone call now so I don’t forget.”
“I wonder if I left the iron on at home. What if I did? I should really check that out.”
The trick is to let go.  Notice the thoughts, then like a cloud, just let it pass. Without judgement, without being disappointed in yourself, prepare to release the thought. It’s as simple as deciding to drop a pen. Drop it and concentrate back to the focus of your meditation — be that the coach’s voice, body scan or sound waves.
We’ll never have complete freedom from metal chatter while meditating. But just like any sport or skill, with practise, it becomes easier. We develop our abilities through mental fortitude and perseverance. Quickly, we discover that we can simply unplug at will, rest and relax into the moment whenever we want to switch our brains to low volume. Enjoy the sense of spaciousness and abundance.