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What is OMmmm ?

Before a yoga class, it’s becoming increasingly expected to open with a few group ommm chants.  OM is the universal sound of creation, the highest and purest vibration that exists.  OM Chanting is a group practice that uses the transformational power of OM to activate the self-healing potential of participants and purify the local environment for 2 kilometres.  

We see that the Resonation of Om Chanting in specific circle formations creates powerful vibrations in the middle of circle. These vibrations start restoring everything and everyone around. Just like you watch the waves created by one stone in the water, you can feel the wave’s effect from Om chanting too.

People from all kinds of religious and cultural backgrounds have been participating in OM Chanting groups all over the world for years now. This practise is meant for everyone.


• Transform negativity into positive energy

• Support your emotional, mental and physical well-being

• Cultivate more love, joy and peace for the world

• Releasing emotions and restoring peace

• Improving environment and the relationship between human and nature

• Calming the mind and restoring the inner balance

• Removing obstacles on your spiritual path

• Help with spiritual heart opening and connecting to your high selves

• Improved sleep

• Offer support during pregnancy 

Join us as we settle the minds and heal our bodies with a simple ommm chant.  Reduce stress, heal anxiety and say bye to insomnia.