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What is a Himalayan Bowl Sound Bath Massage?

Stressed out, feeling a bit down or in physical pain?  Sound healing are a powerful way to shift your being from surviging  to thriving.  Plus, you get to enjoy a blissed state of consciousness.  Even if you’re healthy and feeling fine, a sound healing is a gift to yourself, like going to the spa!  Develop self-care, self-love and super-charged sense of peace and well-being.  Tibetan singing bowls are used along with toning, chanting and other instruments to bring harmony and health and balance to your body and mind.

And no, sound baths don’t involve any water.  Instead, you are bathed in blissful sound waves from the gong, bringing you to a deep meditative, blank state.

What is it good for?

The Himalayan Sound Massage is great for Hong Kongers who are particularly stressed or harried with the pace of life.  Many people say that they feel a release from deep-seated emotions after the session, letting go of tensions that don’t serve them. The class also encourages a good night’s sleep for those constantly nagged by insomnia.

Sound healing therapy uses the vibration of sound in a targeted way, to fine tune our bodies, mind and emotions. This helps us to relax completely, sleep better, improve concentration, and even increase our confidence. Sound healing can help with depression and fatigue too.

Physically it can release tension, alleviate muscular aches and increase energy levels. The sound massage is also thought to eliminate toxins that are stored in the body so drink plenty of water before and after!

Tibetan singing bowls are considered to be a symbol of healing. The vibration caused when the bowls are struck travels through the body and it is believed that this has an effect on all cells within the body, causing them to vibrate faster.

What to expect during the Tibetan Sound Massage

During a sound healing, which typically lasts 30 minutes to an hour, you simply lie down in comfortable clothes on a mat & pillows (supplied by Enhale Meditation Studio), close your eyes and relax, letting the sounds wash over you.  Feel free to get closer to the bowls and align your head and feet direction to the instructions of the coach.

During the session, you may fall asleep or you may be alert to the sounds.  Every session is unique!  Your body may twitch as your chakras (energy centers) and meridians (energy channels) are cleared. You may also have sudden insights, perhaps solving a problem or receiving a creative idea.

What to expect after the Tibetan Sound Massage

People react differently to the treatment. Some fall asleep during the session, some feel wide awake and some feel like they have drifted off to a new level!   Make sure you drink water after a sound healing as it will help flush out toxins and reset your body and mind.  In our Aromatherapy edition, different essential oil blends used in the treatment can affect how clients react.


Sound baths are ancient tools with modern uses to bring body and mind back into balance, combating depression, confusion and low energy so we can feel more fully ourselves.