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Wai Chung

Wai Chung found Meditation and Yoga in 2000 when she suffered with Chronic illness. She attended classes for 2 years where she adopted a yogic zen lifestyle and regained her health to the optimum where she was able to even pilgrim across India. She continued to improve herself over the past 16 years with training in Holistic Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Adult Education and Intuitive Energy Healing.

Wai facilitate in Europe, Israel and Asia for a diverse range of organisations and events. She guides various meditation techniques including Healing Breath, Energy Balance, Mindfulness & Meditation, Gateway of the 5 Senses, Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation, Sound to Silence, all in preparation for Silent Stillness. Wai knows her Dharma is to empower participants to listen to their inner teacher, and to live the most meaningful life possible whilst experiencing this human form.

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Wai Chung Classes

Guided Meditation with Tibetan bowls for Healthy Body & Mind

As you start your meditation, a common assumption is that you just sit in a quiet space and don’t think; but that is not really what it is all about. Real meditation is a strengthening of the mind. It is gaining control of your thoughts and not letting them run wild… and it can be challenging!

Having a teacher guide the meditation provides a clear map of your practice, and using the aid of Tibetan bowls can assist with relaxing into the meditation and going into a dream state. When you are able to let go of the surface tension, your experience can go deeper to restore a healthy body and mind. This provides you the inner peace and strength to continue your day to day life.


Need an espresso? By learning how to surf with the energy that’s around you, this meditation will help increase your aliveness and vitality.


A guided journey for whatever needs soothing. Through a feeling of deep personal cleansing and rejuvenation, you’ll learn how to cultivate serenity and freedom.

Yoga Nidra / Yogic Sleep

If the lying down part of yoga is your favorite, then this is the class for you. Known as Yoga Nidra or Sleeping Yoga, this class guarantees deep relaxation. Great for anyone in the mood to chill out in a heavily guided meditation ride.

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