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Thomas Amiard

Thomas Amiard is a holistic therapist, personal development facilitator, sound engineer and multi-disciplinary artist. He has been dedicated to exploring sound, consciousness and creative processes for the last 20 years. Thomas specializes in healing practices expanding consciousness through natural means such as meditation, visualisation, breathwork, movement and others. His goal is to guide you towards self-understanding, empowerment, emotional balance, harmonious social interactions as well as direct access to intuition and creativity.

“It is the supreme way to access our unconscious mind and be aware of who we really are, so we can become conscious and integrate every part of our personality.”

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Thomas Amiard Class

Breath Work

If you’re reading this, you’re probably breathing. Look at you… practicing already! Great for sports performance optimization and mental clarity, this class teaches various breathing techniques to achieve the optimal state of being. The breath unlocks stored stresses, allowing you to tune into self-healing. Benefits include improving the body’s alkalinity, oxygen utilization, digestion and reducing inflammation. It’s a wild ride… just breathe.