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Surviving and Adapting to a Changed World

As scary as it has been watching Covid-19 take lives and wreak havoc on populations all over the world, there was perhaps a small, subconscious part of our souls that just knew a reckoning was coming. For all the superficiality, selfishness, unabashed greed, and lack of compassion that was becoming pervasive in our world, humanity was badly needing a course correction. And so, The Universe manifested itself.

Three major planets – Saturn the Disciplinarian, Jupiter the Multiplier, and Pluto the Transformer – hover together in Capricorn in 2020, a zodiac sign representing society’s structures and rules, who gets to be on top, who is at the bottom. The planets work their magic in Capricorn through Christmas time this year. Regardless of when the coronavirus gets brought under control, the sweeping social and economic changes it has set in motion will take the rest of the year to become apparent and to be fully understood.

What is for sure is that in the first week of May, we will bid farewell to an 18-month period where The Universe produced a mild tugging, getting us to shift our focus from success and achievement (Capricorn) toward more compassionate concerns, more self-care and caring for our loved ones, as well as defending the defenseless (Cancer). This is known as the Cancer-Capricorn polarity which is shown by where the Moon’s north and south nodes are placed. The push-pull dynamics were subtle until, as a dramatic climax, the Universe brought forth Covid-19 to drive the point home.

From May 5 until early 2022, the Moon’s nodes move into the signs of Gemini-Sagittarius. Under this influence, human beings collectively will be called to zoom in and focus on our local communities, our neighbors, and close friends. Short-distance visits will be more rewarding than long-distance explorations at this time. (Sorry, airlines.) Proclaiming truths from digital soapboxes will not have as much impact as having 3D exchanges with real people in our lives. Gemini is flexible, adaptable, and not overly invested in outcomes. Sagittarius believes in hard and fast truths that apply to everyone. Our challenge is to open our minds and embrace Gemini by recognizing that sometimes its best to adjust beliefs to changing realities.

At the end of the second quarter, transformative Pluto and Jupiter – an expansive and enlarging energy – are scheduled to rendezvous for the second time this year. To maximize the positive potentials of the tremendous cosmic energy, we each need to meet it at the highest vibration possible. Pluto demands that we do the hard, inner work that will propel us into the next stage of our lives, and Jupiter’s expansive qualities will give a positive boost to that new direction. Consult your birth chart to see which area of life Pluto is moving through and what is calling for change.

For those actively hiding from fears and anxieties behind drugs, Netflix, sex, or alcohol, these powerful cosmic times become at best a wasted opportunity and, at worst, a path toward a downward spiral of despair. So pick yourself up, get grounded, and try to take stock of where you’ve been and where you need to be. What makes you feel content and fulfilled? Are you living in your highest truth and authenticity?

As if on cue, ready to help you with this process – Venus, the planet of our personal loves and values, stops in its tracks (not literally!) bringing deep reflection. Venus goes retrograde about once every 18 months, and it is getting ready to do so again on May 13 until the end of June. The energies of a Venus retrograde will help you reflect on who and what you love and value, and why. Old lovers often come back into the picture during a Venus Retrograde – in our minds, if not in reality – helping you to sort out hang-ups with regard to self-worth and the way you assign value.

If the energies are proving overwhelming, there’s no shame in getting help. Astrologer De Rui is ready to interpret your birth chart, shedding light on The Universe’s plan for your soul’s greatest good and evolution. We’ll need to know what time you were born, so be sure to confirm your birth time in advance.

De Rui is an American evolutionary astrologer based in Hong Kong. Her practice focuses on soul-direction and relationship destiny interpretations based on individual natal charts. She is available for individual and romantic or business partner readings at Enhale.

A personalized astrology reading is a portal to learning your life path, relationship tendencies, and current planetary energies. Learn about your unique needs and gifts, and what will truly fulfill you. Birth and relationship chart interpreter De Rui is a former corporate employee turned spiritual healer. A graduate of Harvard, she has also been the student of gurus and teachers in the United States and Central America. De Rui conducts readings in English and Mandarin Chinese.



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