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Soul Realignment
60 minutes

Soul Realignment  is a non-touch healing technique designed to help us connect to the purpose of our Soul and the ‘Divine Gift’ – our Energy Centres. It enables us to better understand ourselves beyond the physical parameters and dimensions.

Humans are considered to be multi-dimensional beings, existing in the third dimension with our minds residing in the fourth. Our ‘Soul’ flows in a dimension thereafter, outside of space and time and is the energy which animates our physical body and gives us our Vital Life Force.

Soul Realignment® engages and interprets information from our ‘Akashic Records’, which can be imagined as an inner super-record of all actions and karma. Together, these records make up the elements of the Divine Blueprint of our Soul.

The aim of Soul Realignment® is to identify, clear and heal negative choices of our past, present and future which are creating blockages in our life force. As the name suggests, Soul Realignment® helps us to align with positive energy and choices, and encourages the flow of our Vital Life Force to help us achieve balance in our lives.

Chew Yin Chan is a Certified Soul Realignment® Practitioner, a specialisation which allows her to take healing to a deeper and more complete level. A Soul Realignment® session will include:

  • A general Akashic Record Reading
  • Identifying of Energy Centers and Divine gifts
  • A personalised explanation of how and why your soul originated
  • Identification of blockages to truth and self-fulfilment
  • A complete assessment of your “soul wounds,”

Blockages or negative energy characteristics can sometimes be identified as:

  • Unhealthy characteristics or traits developed through many lifetimes
  • Negative thought forms you have carried
  • Chakra or energy centre damage
  • Explanation for why you may feel chronically exhausted and drained
  • Unhealthy “sacred contracts” you formed with others
  • Karmic debts you may carry with other souls

Soul Realignment® Sessions can assist you in choosing a healthier path so you can reach your highest potential and live a radiant life.

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Soul Realignment Coaches

Chew Yin Chan

Chew Yin Chan with over 20 years of experience in apparel and product design, Chew’s desire to explore more of her passions led her to the holistic world. She was involved in running a holistic wellness center several years ago and this helped to introduce her [...]