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Saptarshi Mukerji

Saptarshi Mukerji is a global citizen, born in India, grew up in India and New Zealand. Worked across the globe and travelled to experience cultures and food.
By trade he is an engineer and currently works in the finance sector. Outside of his corporate job, he is an entrepreneur by heart and has been involved with multiple startups in health and wellness.
What gets him going is the inner engineering of mind, body and soul. His first experience with meditation was when he was 20. And since then he practised and experienced various forms of meditation, guided with sound, visualisation etc and of which the most purest form was Vipasanna. He has been a Vipasanna practitioner over 10 years and continues to discover the inner purification of mind.
“I am not what I think I am. I am not what you think I am. I am what you think, I think I am.” Collie.

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Saptarshi Mukerji Class


Develop your brain muscles to accepting your thoughts, emotions and everything that’s happening… just the way it is, without judgement. Watch how it’ll cultivate awareness, acceptance and a sweet state of stillness.

Breath Work

If you’re reading this, you’re probably breathing. Look at you… practicing already! Great for sports performance optimization and mental clarity, this class teaches various breathing techniques to achieve the optimal state of being. The breath unlocks stored stresses, allowing you to tune into self-healing. Benefits include improving the body’s alkalinity, oxygen utilization, digestion and reducing inflammation. It’s a wild ride… just breathe.

Meditation 101

Gear your toolbelt with an assortment of meditation techniques to release the tension of the week and renew for what’s ahead. Gain introspective tools that help sharpen concentration, bring mental clarity, peace and presence. Let go of all your mental clutter and find some stillness with this introductory class.