Ryan Grimes

Ryan Grimes is a dedicated mindfulness practitioner with his foundations in the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program from the University of Massachusetts.  As a father of two boys, he came to mindfulness in search of a tool that could increase his patience. Starting his career working in engineering and finance, Ryan was initially skeptical of meditation and mindfulness.  

However, the evidence of the benefits of mindfulness in terms of both physical and mental health was Ryan’s original draw to meditation. Now a teacher in training for Search Inside Yourself, founded at Google, he continues to uncover more evidence of the benefits of meditation that could be used to persuade others to give it a try.  

His practice comes from that same place of kind curiosity that he had when he first approached mindfulness. He brings a practical approach to meditation, and makes it very accessible to practitioners at all levels.

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Ryan Grimes Classes

Mindful Meditation for Grounding and Stress Relief

Train your mind to pay attention to the here and now, to step out of automatic pilot and to relate more skillfully to difficult emotions and thoughts.
Through simple practices and tools, learn how to respond rather than react automatically to stressful situations and people.
Leave feeling grounded and disconnect from a busy day to find that clarity and peace of mind.

Mindful Movement

Gently and slowly move your body while placing 100% of your attention on noticing and feeling what your body does throughout those movements. Be in a bubble of present awareness as you’re focusing on your body and how each movement feels. In mindful movement, we practice being aware of our whole body so that we can live mindfully in daily life.

For Executive Minds

Is life a little too fast-faced these days? Come to slow down, address your breath and dissolve that intensity. Walk out feeling aware, focused and grounded.


Amplify your attitude of gratitude to cultivate a space of positivity, peace and acceptance. Love yourself, love your life!

Loving Kindness

Embrace the joy within through compassion and happiness practices. Be guided step-by-step in a loving-kindness meditation, which can change your day and your perspective. Leave with more compassion and empathy towards others and yourself.