Private Classes

Private Class Offerings:

All of our meditation sessions are available as private sessions. Please feel free to reach out to us at to book a personal session with your favourite coach.

Channeled Energy Therapy

60 minutes

As living beings, we constantly evolve and develop an awareness of self- preservation. Channelled Energy is the practice of harnessing a connection between ourselves, higher self and the divine to enable healing and maintain our wellbeing. It provides a therapeutic and non-invasive remedy to ailments affecting the body, mind and soul.

Have you ever had the same problem come up in life? Repeating itself or simply not being solved correctly? It might be that you’ve been unable to uncover a lesson and overcome a problem on the first attempt. Channelled Energy helps you connect with your higher self / your sub conscious, helping you to release what does not service you in the present.
Energy healing involves our spirits or guides, they shepherd us in a direction which enables us to help ourselves. In order for us to progress positively and become more aware we each have to unearth our own life journeys and these spirits can act as beacons of enlightenment.

As a medium of energy, Chew Yin connects with the psyche of higher consciousness and energy is transferred to the desired area of healing, be it physical, psychological, or spiritual. In addition to the channelling of spiritual energy, crystals and essential oils are also drawn upon during the session to enhance vibrations and the senses.

The focus of a Channelled Energy consultation is to calmly lead the subject away from restrictions that bind us, and towards the frequencies of energy which surround us all to enable grounding and equilibrium. Each journey is a personal one and each experience will differ. The practice promises to aid in the release of the difficulties that are troubling a person, whilst creating a stronger awareness of self and repairing inner wellbeing.

Raindrop Technique

60 minutes

The Raindrop Technique is one of the safest, non-invasive regimes available for spinal health. It is also an invaluable method to promote healing from within using topically applied essential oils.
The Raindrop Technique incorporates calming, energizing, and soothing essential oils with the techniques of Vita Flex (reflex points on the feet) a specialized form of hand and foot massage, an electrical charge is released that sends energy through the neuroelectrical pathways. This electrical charge follows the pathways of the nervous system to where there is a break in the circuit, usually related to an energy block caused by toxins, damaged tissue or loss of oxygen.

The combination of oils also balances the energy, lifts the spirit by reducing stress, and calms a troubled and confused mind. Healing emerges from within the confines of emotional bondage.
Following the Reflex points on the feet, the oils are dispensed like drops of rain from a height (through the aura) above the back. The drops of oil are feathered along the vertebrae, out over the back muscles and shoulders. Traditional massage techniques are used to stretch the back muscles.

The Raindrop Technique is the result of combining ancient Lakota wisdom with the latest in essential oil research. By integrating energy healing with specific essential oils, it can balance energy, release toxins, and facilitate proper energy flow throughout the body.

The Raindrop Technique can treat and help prevent the bacterial and viral causes of scoliosis and other spinal misalignment’s.

What are the benefits of the Raindrop Technique?

  • Boost Immune System
    • Thyme and oregano essential oils are known to support the immune system. Also the body will be releasing toxins and eliminating viruses and bacteria which ultimately strengthen the immune system and your overall health.
  • Better Sleep
    • Many people have reported improved quality of sleep, due to the relaxing and calming nature of the oils.
  • Detox the Body
    • The oils being high in phenols cleanse cellular receptor sites and improve the lymphatic system to detox the body.
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
    • Not only can the oils enhance positive emotions, such as joy and happiness, but they can also help us release negative emotions that are subconsciously stored on a cellular level.
  • Balance and Realign the Energy Centers of the Body
    • The combination of techniques bring electrical and structural alignment to the body. The essential oil blend of Valor helps the body align and is often referred to as “chiropractor in the bottle”.
  • Realign the Spine in a non-manipulative Manner
    • Microbes along the spine contribute to deformities and can be the cause of spinal diseases such as scoliosis. The oils of oregano, marjoram, thyme and basil have anti-viral and/or anti-bacterial properties.
  • Reduce Inflammation in the Body
    • Three known, natural anti-inflammatory oils, including wintergreen, thyme and peppermint, are used in this technique.
  • Relax Muscles
    • Muscles that are sore, spastic or stressed will also benefit. Basil, wintergreen, marjoram, cypress and peppermint essential oils help with all the common muscle conditions.
  • Relieve Pain
    • A study in 2001 confirmed that the existence of infectious microorganisms near the spine causes pain and inflammation.
  • Create a Tough Environment for Viruses and Bacteria along the Spine
    • It is a known fact that microbes actually stay dormant and hibernate along the spinal column until our immune system weakens and they are activated.
  • Improve Circulation
    • The essential oils of cypress, marjoram and peppermint all have properties that increase circulation and/or act as a circulatory stimulant.
  • Emotional Well-being and Release
    • Essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier and effect the limbic system where emotions are stored and controlled.
  • Increase in Height
    • Yes, most people experience a slight increase in their height, ranging from ½ to 1 inch. This is due to the realignment of the spine and detoxification along the spinal column.

Intuitive Raindrop

90 minutes – $1900

Intuitive Raindrop is a combination of channeled energy work with Raindrop technique.
The essential oils treat the symptoms and the channeled energy work looks for the root cause and guides the individual to self awareness and self healing.
…see Raindrop Technique for the rest of this beautiful relaxing treatment

Soul Realignment

60 minutes

Soul Realignment® is a non-touch healing technique designed to help us connect to the purpose of our Soul and the ‘Divine Gift’ – our Energy Centres. It enables us to better understand ourselves beyond the physical parameters and dimensions.

Humans are considered to be multi-dimensional beings, existing in the third dimension with our minds residing in the fourth. Our ‘Soul’ flows in a dimension thereafter, outside of space and time and is the energy which animates our physical body and gives us our Vital Life Force.

Soul Realignment® engages and interprets information from our ‘Akashic Records’, which can be imagined as an inner super-record of all actions and karma. Together, these records make up the elements of the Divine Blueprint of our Soul.

The aim of Soul Realignment® is to identify, clear and heal negative choices of our past, present and future which are creating blockages in our life force. As the name suggests, Soul Realignment® helps us to align with positive energy and choices, and encourages the flow of our Vital Life Force to help us achieve balance in our lives.

Chew Yin Chan is a Certified Soul Realignment® Practitioner, a specialisation which allows her to take healing to a deeper and more complete level. A Soul Realignment® session will include:

  • A general Akashic Record Reading
  • Identifying of Energy Centers and Divine gifts
  • A personalised explanation of how and why your soul originated
  • Identification of blockages to truth and self-fulfilment
  • A complete assessment of your “soul wounds,”

Blockages or negative energy characteristics can sometimes be identified as:

  • Unhealthy characteristics or traits developed through many lifetimes
  • Negative thought forms you have carried
  • Chakra or energy centre damage
  • Explanation for why you may feel chronically exhausted and drained
  • Unhealthy “sacred contracts” you formed with others
  • Karmic debts you may carry with other souls

Soul Realignment® Sessions can assist you in choosing a healthier path so you can reach your highest potential and live a radiant life.

Crystal Energy Healing

60 minutes

Working with the vibrational energy of the crystals, to relax , clear and energize the body and mind.
In the medical and scientific community, there are disputes as to the validity of crystal healing as an alternative medical technique. While there is no scientific evidence that gemstone treatments can be used to cure ailments and protect against diseases, proponents of crystals believe these precious stones are conduits for channeling energy – for healing, fertility, success, spiritual growth and much more.

For life happenings, there is probably a stone for every type of mood, crisis or want. Interestingly, crystals like diamond, blue sapphire, ruby, amethyst, citrine, and tourmaline naturally vibrate at a higher frequency, promoting increased cellular energy, micro-circulation and clarity.

Also, because crystals are highly stable against environmental change like temperature, they are used as frequency control devices in electronics like computers, smartphones, and satellites so whether you know it or not, crystals are all around you!

Sound Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls

60 minutes

Sound treatment with singing bowls is one of — if not the — most popular sound healing methods because of its effective and various aspects of healing. From lowered blood pressure to relief from anxiety to the opening of the pineal gland.

Sound therapy has many emotional, physical and mental benefits. It is a fantastic solution for relieving stress and anxiety. Sound healing works on the scientific principle that everything in nature, including our bodies vibrate at a unique frequency, which must be balanced. When our natural frequencies get imbalanced, they trigger diseases.

After a consultation, the Tibetan singing bowls are placed on and around your body for a deeply meditative, restorative and healing session using powerful and practical sound therapy protocols, developed after years of dedicated scientific research:

Carmen incorporates Reiki or energy work and gentle body work to enhance the therapeutic effects of the sound healing.

Protocols and treatments:

  • Deep relaxation and Stress reduction
  • Digestive disorders
  • Neck & shoulder tension
  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Fever, cough and cold
  • Cellular detox therapy
  • Sound healing and meditation for kids
  • Sound therapy for pets care
  • Application of Sound healing for pregnancy

Private Gong Bath

60 minutes

Gongs are considered to be a good luck charm. Touching a gong is believed to bring a person happiness, good health, and strength. In India it is believed that the sound of a gong created the worlds, and was the primal sound of OM.

The Gong produces a strong sound wave, almost tangible to the touch. This invigorates the physical body by influencing the surface of the skin and every cell.

On a physical level, the gong releases tension and blocks in the body. It stimulates a higher functioning of the glandular and nervous system. This increases Prana which is our vital life force and improves circulation.

The sound of a live gong activates circulation while its wide range of frequencies trigger restoration of nerve endings and may prove useful in recovering from injuries in which nerve damage has occurred.

Private Tarot Reading

60 minutes

Tarot is a powerful tool to assist you on your journey, give you clarity and insights, help you step forward without fear. It also reflects your inner gifts and abilities and how to harness them.

Most people believe Tarot is only a tool to predict future. As a matter of fact, Tarot is a healing tool that is to help people grow.

In your reading, you could:

  • gain insights into your situation and how to move forward with confidence
  • let go of your mental worries and emotional burdens
  • navigate through challenges without feeling overwhelmed
  • rediscover and harness your inner strengths
  • reconnect to yourself
  • regain your balance and harmony in life
  • how you can create change and stay on track
  • how to fully embrace your potentials

Non-Violent Communication Workshops

ideal for couples or individuals going through difficult relationships (personal, work, friends, etc) – 60 minutes

Communication is the backbone of all relationships (both personal and professional) yet how often is communication not well received or understood? This can leave individuals at a serious disadvantage in all aspects of their lives. It may seem that all communication is non-violent, yet think about your daily interactions and think how often we revert back to the idea of what can I gain from this.

Indeed, communication is not about winning, but rather about both excelling, and this is the art of non-violent communication. How can one open the flow of dialogue in a harmonious and positive way to ensure that all goals are satisfied and realized?
From the Art of War Every Battle is won before it is fought….so are you relenting before the conversation begins?

Tantric Energy Flow

60 minutes

Intimacy is not a one-way street, but why is it so often described as such? Are you fully satisfied in your intimacy? Are you fully expressed without longing or need? If not, please do know that this is not normal, a normal state is one of full expression.

This must be unlocked for the couple to flourish and it can be so via energy work, communication, meditation and breathwork. Your future selves will thank you!

Breathwork and Meditation Training

60 minutes

The cornerstone of all energy work and introspection is via the breath. Indeed, who hasn’t been in a yoga class where you’ve been told to focus on the breath? Yet I would be comfortable in suggesting that this same teacher didn’t or couldn’t explain why the breath is so fundamentally important to your practice! Within this training we will dive deep into the practice of full Pranayama to help you unlock the power of your breath and to bring you into a more complete union between body and energy. We will explore traditional and non-traditional Breathwork alike to find a balance between practice and function with the end result being a more complete and total understanding of body and mind.


releasing unconscious blocks & limiting beliefs – 60 minutes
  • Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try you never seem to make progress to your goal or get what you want?
  • Have you had the thought that there must be more to life and pondered what your purpose might be?
  • Have you ever had the experience that just when things are going well something happens to sabotage your success?
  • Do you know what your inner abilities and gifts truly are?
  • Have you ever asked the question, how would my life be different if I made all of my choices based on my higher self and intuition?

Our quality of life is dramatically affected by the quality of the questions we ask ourselves! In this class Aldo will guide an insightful technique to identify hidden blockages that are holding you back and hindrances to your success. Then Aldo will guide a beautiful inner experience synchronization with his words and suggestions.

The intent is to connect with inner clarity & illumination to release hidden unconscious blocks and limiting beliefs. This cleansing and rejuvenating experience is designed to reconnect you with your creative abilities, intuition, hidden talents and gifts.

Personalized astrology reading

60 minutes

When the outside world stops making sense, it’s time to look within. Come in for a check on your life path, relationships, and current planetary energies using your birth chart as a basis. Learn about your unique needs and gifts, and what will truly fulfill you. Rest assured this isn’t your mother’s newspaper astrology column.

Chart reader De Rui is a long-time student of evolutionary astrologers with teachers based in the United States and Central America. An SF Bay Area native, she also speaks Mandarin Chinese.

Phen Kinesiology

90 minutes

Phen Kinesiology?
Phen = Phenomena – primordial cause of the problem

It is an advanced comprehensive health therapy technique based on muscle testing and identifying the prime root cause – Phenomena of the issues. Very often we absorb negative programs through our life not even being aware of it (for example during our childhood, puberty etc) and that changes our functioning.
Our muscles are attached to our nervous system and brain. Therefore we are able to access specific original records in the brain (often subconsciousness that it is not easily accessible) to release the negative patterns successfully and rewrite the record safely.
The balancing process can therefore be an educational experience, helping us to understand what’s really going on in our body/life. It increases our awareness and helps us to make more positive and informed choices about how to direct our life.
This technique is non-invasive and suitable for all ages including children, addicted or mentally sick people and generally for anyone who is suffering on any level or wants to improve his/her life.
The Phen Kinesiologist focuses on clients’ personal problems (long-term or acute) and uses standardized systems and constellations which enable us to go deeper into the issue and activate inner unblock and healing.
Therefore it can access even very complicated topics that many people are suffering with and standard techniques or therapies are not able to solve them.
It is not part of any religion or philosophy. It is a part of therapeutic health systems.

This treatment can address many issues as:

  • Fears, anxiety, depression and stress related issues
  • Sleeping problems
  • Chronic pain and fatigue
  • Family and kids behaviors issue
  • Communication, speech and learning problems
  • Concentration and productivity
  • Addictions and unwanted behavior
  • Sex, intimacy and partnership
  • Conception and pregnancy support
  • Improving relationships at home, work, family & with life generally
  • Financial and work issues
  • Allergies
  • Health support (hormonal, skin, immunity, digestive and other health issues)
  • Decision making support

Many people are suffering with psychosomatic disEASEs and stress related issues where standard medicine help to reduce the symptoms but struggles to access the root cause safely.


60 minutes

If you are feeling physically, emotionally and mentally challenged, If you have a lot of stress which is affecting your daily life,
If you don’t feel your energy is flowing
If you want to relax but simply do not know how

Pulsing, a form of hands-on healing, could help you relax and release those tensions which you are accumulating within you. It can improve your sleep, help your energy flow again and you can feel recharged.

This gentle and soothing healing is suitable for all ages.

Home Energy Clearing

HK$1,200 per property

Feel a little stuck? Or want to clear your energies to open future possibilities? Start at home. Consider clearing your home energy, to reset and align with your energetic vibrations. Get centered as a launchpad to manifest the life you want. This service is possible only for the residence you own or rent.

Meditation Coach and Soul Realignment practitioner Chew is able to perform this service remotely and will not need to visit your property.