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Personalized Astrology Reading
60 minutes

Personalized Astrology Reading When the outside world stops making sense, it’s time to look within. Come in for a check on your life path, relationships, and current planetary energies using your birth chart as a basis. Learn about your unique needs and gifts, and what will truly fulfill you. Rest assured this isn’t your mother’s newspaper astrology column.

Chart reader De Rui is a long-time student of evolutionary astrologers with teachers based in the United States and Central America. An SF Bay Area native, she also speaks Mandarin Chinese.

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Personalized Astrology Reading Coaches

Lily Liliane

Lily Liliane A life-embracing woman who teaches and guides by BEING – with a positive and unbreakable spirit, Lily’s journey in to holistic wellness, self-healing, conscious-living, spiritual awakening and transformation was ignited in the midst of her finding solutions to her own personal traumas. Lily’s unique [...]