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Personalized Astrology Reading
60 minutes

Personalized Astrology Reading When the outside world stops making sense, it’s time to look within. Come in for a check on your life path, relationships, and current planetary energies using your birth chart as a basis. Learn about your unique needs and gifts, and what will truly fulfill you. Rest assured this isn’t your mother’s newspaper astrology column.

Chart reader De Rui is a long-time student of evolutionary astrologers with teachers based in the United States and Central America. An SF Bay Area native, she also speaks Mandarin Chinese.

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Personalized Astrology Reading Coaches

Stephanie Luong

Stephanie Luong comes from a family of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and firmly believes in the value of alternative healing methods. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is her way of living. She is an empath (able to perceive the energy of a person/ place) and an [...]