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Non-Violent Communication Workshops
ideal for couples or individuals going through difficult relationships (personal, work, friends, etc) – 60 minutes

Non-Violent Communication Workshops Communication is the backbone of all relationships (both personal and professional) yet how often is communication not well received or understood? This can leave individuals at a serious disadvantage in all aspects of their lives. It may seem that all communication is non-violent, yet think about your daily interactions and think how often we revert back to the idea of what can I gain from this.

Indeed, communication is not about winning, but rather about both excelling, and this is the art of non-violent communication. How can one open the flow of dialogue in a harmonious and positive way to ensure that all goals are satisfied and realized?
From the Art of War Every Battle is won before it is fought….so are you relenting before the conversation begins?

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Non-Violent Communication Workshops Coaches

Bruce Taylor

Bruce Taylor Bruce Taylor has always had a connection to Qi, or vital life energy, since a very young age. He is dedicated to balancing the energy within so we can flourish in our lives. Bruce Taylor is a Reiki Grandmaster in Usui Reiki, and [...]