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Meditation 101

Meditation 101 Gear your toolbelt with an assortment of meditation techniques to release the tension of the week and renew for what’s ahead. Gain introspective tools that help sharpen concentration, bring mental clarity, peace and presence. Let go of all your mental clutter and find some stillness with this introductory class

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Concentration meditation holding your attention on a primary focus, usually the breath. For example, mentally note the outward movement of your belly as expanding or contracting, rising or falling. Concentration involves focusing on a single point. This could also involve scanning the body, actively listening to a Himalayan Bowl Sound Bath, repeating an affirmation, or counting beads on a Catholic rosary.

If you find yourself thinking of other thoughts in mental chatter after a few seconds, this is completely normal. Like a cloud, just let your thoughts move along and then come back to the focal of your concentration. Don’t beat yourself up about not being perfect, because that would be another thought. With training, your ability to concentrate improves.


Mindfulness meditation is open monitoring. Watch your thoughts, let them come and go, without reacting, judging or craving for more of those thoughts. This encourages you to observe wandering thoughts and emotions as they drift through the mind. The intention is not to get invested with certain thoughts or to judge them as good or bad, but simply to be aware as it arises. And to be aware when it leaves.

The idea is for inner balance as you stop judging thoughts, notice their impermanence and develop proactiveness instead of reactiveness. With practice, the goal is developing inner balance.


There are various other meditation techniques like loving kindness, transcendental, zen, breathwork, mantra and pranayama. There are also moving meditation techniques, such as mindful eating, walking or calligraphy.

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