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Mai Li

Mai Li has 500 hrs RYT and is the former director of two hispter Cafes in Hong Kong. She has practiced asanas for more than a decade, and is dedicated to learning traditional Chinese medicine ever since she was a teen which was something that was instilled in her by her grandparents.

She started her teaching path in 2016 by studying traditional ashtanga yoga in one of the best teacher training ashram in Rishikesh of India, indulged with yoga philosophy and human anatomy and was lucky enough to learn PG Yin Yoga with Jo Phee (Paul Grilley’s senior assistant), overturning the traditional understanding of alignment and integrating Yin, Yang, Five Elements and human meridian theories into yoga asanas.

Her teaching approach, since then, no longer limited to aesthetic but mainly focuses on practicality, “I teach yoga, not asana” is her catch phrase.

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Mai Li Class


Qi is the life energy that is said to flow through all things. In this class, engage your qi, drop your brain waves to meditative states and support the flow of qi in your energy meridian system. The class starts with a mental detox and relaxation techniques, and finishes with positive visualization. Leave feeling refreshed, recharged and relaxed. Conscious regulation of qi helps you be optimistic, confident, observant and creative.