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Life Force: Pre & Post Natal, Infertility

Life Force: Pre & Post Natal, Infertility This special self-healing Qi meditation is all about babies. It’s for men and women who want to be pregnant, are expecting or recovering after. This guided meditation seeks to activate specific energy centers for self-healing. So for those trying to conceive, it addresses what traditional Chinese medicine would refer to as “warming the womb”. For those with post-partum, this meditation seeks to rebalance hormones. And for those pregnant, this helps in easing the birth. And for everyone, it seeks to help nourish the brain to prevent dementia, depression and stagnation, as well as promoting optimism and a strong immune system.

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Life Force: Pre & Post Natal, Infertility Coaches

Maggie Huh

Maggie Huh is a Life Cartographer, Eastern philosopher, Qigong master, Feng Shui practitioner and researcher of Buddhist scripture. After working in hospitality and sales & marketing at international corporations, she felt a calling for change to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. She thus deepened her [...]