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Kit Lee

Kit Lee found meditation when she needed to reclaim her well being from working tirelessly over a decade in a leading global Fortune 10 company. She juggle calls in multiple timezone and always on-the-go travelling. Having experienced the shift, she believes everybody can develop the skill to enhance their mental well being. She also believes everybody can recover their emotional balance, and flow with modern day challenges.

Kit is thrilled to share her expertise through a variety of credentials including being a certified McLean Meditation Institute Meditation & Mindfulness Coach.

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Kit Lee Class

Just Breathe (For Grounding & Energy Renewal)

A focus on breath is one of the foundations of your meditation practice. With the breath, become aware of thoughts and emotions so we can build useful mental habits. This invites more balance, confidence, self-love and optimism into your life. (Meditation for Balance & Self-compassion)

Meditation 101

Gear your toolbelt with an assortment of meditation techniques to release the tension of the week and renew for what’s ahead. Gain introspective tools that help sharpen concentration, bring mental clarity, peace and presence. Let go of all your mental clutter and find some stillness with this introductory class.

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