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Kate To

Kate To is a sound healing facilitator, yoga teacher and a piano teacher. She is a meditation and mindfulness practitioner, and also a certified Reiki Master.

Kate began her path on sound healing about 5 years ago when she went to a crystal singing bowls meditation session and was immediately mesmerized by the angelic sound. She started to collect different singing bowls and went to workshops and immersions to learn how to incorporate them into her meditation practice and for healing purpose. Then a few years ago during a trip in Bali, she attended a sacred sound healing session. She was deeply amazed by the different sounds produced by all those ancient healing instruments . Since then she travels back to Bali and other places regularly taking training’s to learn and practice sound healing.

Kate gives crystal singing bowls meditation sessions , and also multi-instrumental sound journeys by using strings, flute,shamanic drum, rainstick , tank drum, singing bowls and chimes etc. She also likes to incorporate singing and breathing exercises in her sound sessions to allow people becoming more open to receive the vibration of healing sounds.

Kate strongly believes music and sound can heal our body and mind , and she is dedicated to spread the healing vibrations to many others .

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Kate To Class

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath are made of clear quartz crystal. The energy of crystal quartz is clearing & energizing. Clear quartz heals by clearing out blocked energy that is stuck in a person’s energetic structure. Quartz “loosens” up stagnant energy so that it can [...]

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Bath

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Bath or Himalayan singing bowls, are ancient bowls that produce sound and vibration when played with a mallet or striker. Singing bowls are generally made from an alloy of various metals which include copper, silver, iron, tin, lead, or gold. There [...]

Gong Sound Bath

Gong Sound Bath are considered to be a good luck charm. Touching a gong is believed to bring a person happiness, good health, and strength. In India it is believed that the sound of a gong created the worlds, and was the primal sound of OM. [...]

Sound Bath

Sound Bath uses bowls, gongs, and other instruments to create sound vibrations that help focus the mind and bring it into a more relaxed state, as it works on the subconscious mind. Participants will lay down whilst wearing their normal clothes and are “bathed’ in [...]


    Central Hong Kong I can’t believe how patients who have undergone hot your hands got!   I feel more relaxed than beyond Central Hong Kong 1.2 practitioner. We do not use crystals, powders or wands as a general rule. However, one benefits Reiki […]

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