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Whatever is going on in life, living with Intention helps you be in the flow. This meditation tunes you to what you want and opens you to receiving it. Cultivate serenity and freedom.

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Intention Coaches

Ying Han Cheng

Ying Han Cheng celebrated for her contributions around the world, Ying Han is a multi-cultural bestselling life & business coach, speaker, author of You Only Live Once with the YOLO program spreading across 350 media outlets. She supports holistic transformations through mindfulness, practical spirituality, personal growth [...]

Nikki Wong

Nikki Wong was brought to her mediation practice due to some health complications in her younger years. She has never looked back. Through her personal health journey and her work as an entrepreneur, Nikki realized the power of cultivating the practice of slowing down and [...]

Malbert Lee

Malbert Lee brings his whole heart to sound meditation, a transformational mindfulness practise through sound vibration. He has trained with Gong and Singing Bowl masters around the world. As a yoga and sound meditation coach, Malbert encourages members to explore and unleash their full potential [...]