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Horoscope Summary January 2020

From Ronnie Dreyer and Bob Marks Astrology:

As we begin this year, we are already witnessing so much of the world in disarray.  Trump’s impeachment trials, Australian bush fires, Paris strikes, Modi’s government with Anti-muslim laws, Brexit, the U.S.-Iran conflict, and many deaths and births.

Rather than slow down, the world will probably get more and more intense, so despite the fact that this year is going to bring so many intense occurrences, some of which are already in motion, we need to more than ever be positive, find that peaceful center, meditate, pray, and especially think of and give to others whenever we can. There will be wonderful pockets of positivity and people living their best lives and being their best selves, and so let’s all try in these times to move in that direction, as difficult as it might seem from time to time.

There will be a Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer on Friday January 10: It is opposite Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto. Watch what you say and text. Be careful of your online communications. The effects of all your communications are magnified for the next 2 weeks. Little arguments will have Big Effects.

There will be a New Moon in Aquarius on Friday January 24: This New Moon is square Uranus! This can give you ideas that are genius level. It can also give you ideas that are off-the-wall Crazy. What it will not give you is the ability to say which one it is. Take extra time to think before you act.

Thursday January 2: Mercury conjunct Jupiter: Luck with communications. Make that call. Send that text. Don’t be shy today.

Friday January 3: Mars Enters Sagittarius: Get up off that couch and start moving. Do something adventurous over the next few weeks. This lasts until February 15.

Tuesday January 7: Two Aspects Today: Sun sextile Neptune AND Mars quincunx Uranus: Sun/Neptune is great for your imagination. It also increases psychic ability. Mars\Uranus can make you impatient. You are more likely to rush things. This increases the chance of accidents. Slow down. Don’t rush.

Wednesday January 8: Mercury sextile Neptune: A good day to read a novel…or start writing one.   This is also the Jupiter-Ketu (South Node) conjunctionThis was exact at 4:08 PM GMT on January 8, tropical 8° Capricorn 26’/sidereal (Vedic) 14° Sagittarius 23′. This conjunction will occur only once but it is the beginning of a year ahead filled with several planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, South Node (Ketu) in this part of the zodiac (tropical Capricorn-sidereal (Vedic) Sagittarius). This conjunction occurred on the day that Iran fired missiles at U.S. bases in retaliation for the U.S. killing of the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. This is just one of the many planetary phenomena this year, that began with the solar eclipse of December 26 and will continue especially climaxing in February and March. The unrest in the world and countries going through crises is par for the course. Just look at France strikes, Brexit, India’s anti-Muslim proposed laws, Trump’s impeachment, and the list goes on. The Ukranian airlines that crashed on this same day is now being examined as a possible casualty of the Iranian missile launch. Since eclipses often bring secrets to light, this theory might be confirmed. Even Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s declaration of independence has to do with this. But since according to the Indian astrology scriptures Ketu acts like Mars, this is a signature of power, leadership and independence.

If you have anything between tropical 7-9 Capricorn, or sidereal 13-15
Sagittarius, you may have had something powerful occurring for you this week, and it could even be powerful, affirming and leadership oriented. If you have felt empowered, then continue to apply it to your life. This applied to the Jupiter-South Node (Ketu) conjunction, but for the entire year, you can continue to look at where tropical Capricorn/sidereal Sagittarius in your chart (scroll down) is located since that is where all the energy is located this year. There is stress and disillusionment, breaking down, and rebuilding, and fabulous achievements because wherever this sign is in your chart in relation to your ascendant, or your tropical sun sign or sidereal moon sign will have a lot of attention and reassessment. If you have planets in tropical Taurus, and Virgo, or sidereal Aries or Leo, you will have lovely trines from the transiting planets. If you have planets in tropical Aries, Cancer, or Libra, or sidereal Pisces, Gemini, or Virgo you will get more challenging squares.

Friday January 10: Mercury conjunct Sun: This is a good time for face-to-face business meetings.  This is also the Lunar (Full Moon) Eclipse, the second and final eclipse of this season, which is also called the Full Wolf Moon because it occurs in winter, takes place Friday, January 10, 2020. 7:21 pm GMT at  Tropical. 20° Cancer 00′. Sidereal. 25° Gemini 58′ in the Nakshatra of punarvasu, a nakshatra ruled by Jupiter. This eclipse of the Moon occurs in tropical Cancer and sidereal Gemini but because the Full Moon means that the Sun and Moon are opposite it also straddles the opposite signs, tropical Capricorn, and sidereal Sagittarius, so those houses that these signs occupy are waking up and continue to put pressure on those areas of your life. Because it is a full moon however it will be a wake up call, and may bring difficult things coming to the surface. But as with all eclipses things are revealed and because the Moonlight is blocked emotions will be intense and frustrating, but as the eclipse passes will come to the surface, You will feel as if a weight has lifted and wherever it occurs in the chart, will be the area that is continuing to be awakened, and as the intensity continues throughout the month, there will be resolution and empowerment. It is still a difficult eclipse because the Sun combusts Mercury and Saturn and Pluto are close to the Sun, but that means you must work that much harder to achieve revelation and resolution.

This is also a twin eclipse of the solar partial eclipse, that occurred on July 13, 2018 at Tropical. 20 Cancer 41. Sidereal. 26° Gemini 40′ so if you do have things in your chart affected by this current eclipse, it very likely was something that began in the summer of 2018. This means that if you have any planets, points, or angles between 19-21 tropical Cancer or Capricorn, or 24-26 sidereal Gemini or Sagittarius the period between the first eclipse of July 13 and January 10, 2020 will be the time that you were affected especially in the areas where those planets, points, or angles reside as well as what they represent in your chart. These degrees, however have been hit by Pluto and Saturn in the last year so the good news is that the pressure that you have been feeling will get some relief since you may finally be able to resolve issues that have come up in the last year regarding these areas of life. That does not mean they will not be affected in the future, since Mars will oppose that degree of the Moon on March 17, but for the most part the Nodes, Saturn and Pluto have all passed through those degrees already, so this particular eclipse should indicate awakenings and resolutions, even though it might mean that in order to resolve a situation you may have to end something, change it, or release something from your life.

Sunday January 12: Three Aspects: Mercury conjunct Saturn AND Mercury conjunct Pluto AND Saturn conjunct Pluto: What a Combination!!! Mercury/Saturn can be careful, cautious thinking and planning. Or it can bring depressed thoughts.

Mercury/Pluto can give the penetrating analysis of a psychiatrist or detective. It can also make for devastating insults. Saturn/Pluto can mean the end of old cycles and the start of a great new you. Problems can occur if you don’t want to change. The best way to handle this one is to get rid of things, especially if you feel depressed or overwhelmed. The more you get rid of, the better off you are.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction, the next strong planetary signature,  occurs only once but due to the role of Saturn, as greater malefic, in slowing and limiting things, combined with Pluto, that digs deep and destroys and breaks down before it rebuilds and transforms, the mood is indeed somber. It occurs on Sunday, January 12, at tropical 22° Capricorn 46’/sidereal 28° Sagittarius 44. These two very heavy hitters have contributed to creating this mood of doing things strongly and decisively (like the U.S. attack in Iran and then the retaliatory action of Iran), rather than taking time to explore options. This also can be seen in the troubles of the British royal family. While many might not be interested in the royals, the act of “defiance” on the part of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) to leave their senior roles could not take place at any other time. This is the year of rebellion and will become stronger as the year goes on.
Any planetary combination that takes place close to the eclipse is even more intensified, and this conjunction will take place close to the lunar eclipse and the combust Mercury degree. So once again if you have any planets that are around those degrees, just pay attention because it is telling you that finally everything that you have been working on will have to be acted on.

Monday January 13: Two Aspects: Sun conjunct Pluto AND Sun conjunct Saturn: Don’t try to dominate people. Avoid people who want to dominate you. Isn’t that always good advice? Yes, but it’s especially good today.

Tuesday January 14: Mars semisquare Pluto: Tempers are shorter today. Avoid conflict.

Wednesday January 15: Two Aspects: Mars semisquare Saturn AND Venus sextile Uranus: Mars/Saturn is good for hard work, but watch out for arguments. Venus/Uranus is great for having a good time by doing something new.

Saturday January 18: Mercury square Uranus: Your ideas may be brilliant today, but they may not be sound. Check your ideas again before you act.

Thursday January 23: Sun square Uranus: Just because something is weird and new doesn’t mean it’s any good. Don’t rush into things and think before you act. Also on this date, Venus sextile Jupiter: Relax and enjoy yourself. You’ve earned it.

Saturday January 25: Mercury sextile Mars: Your mind is more active now. Take care of communications today.

The aspect of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction definitively separates around January 24, and the other good news is that Jupiter, the great benefic, will come to these degrees later this year in March, and so there will be healing that will bring things together that have been affected by these planetary signature that will really crescendo in February and March when Mars conjoins Ketu (South Node) and both those planets conjoin the solar eclipse of December 26.

Sunday January 26: Venus square Mars: Timing can be off in relationships today. Don’t push.

Monday January 27: Venus conjunct Neptune: If you are an artist, this can be good for artistic creativity and imagination. For the rest of us, it’s a good day to read a romantic novel.

Tuesday January 28: Mars square Neptune: Slow down. You could be rushing towards the wrong goal.

Wednesday January 29: Mars sesquasquare Uranus: This makes you rush things and that makes accidents more likely. Again, Slow Down.


But for now remember that from the darkness comes the light, and many of the things that you will experience are going on in the world on a global level. They will of course have the domino effect of producing anxiety and fear and that is why it is so important to find peace in yourself, through whatever means you can. Meditate, pray, create, spend time with people you love, do the things that make you happy.  And most important let us send that positive energy to the world while confronting head on the negative things that we have to discard from our lives that are bringing us down.