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Homi Talk - Taoist Neigong

Homi Talk – Taoist Neigong (內功, internal power) Breathing Neigong is essentially about cultivating energy (qi) in your dantien, the field of elixir through breathing. This internal practice has been secretly passed down for thousands of years among Taoists, qigong practitioners as well as martial artists.
Developing internal power imparts numerous benefits, including increased vitality, greater stamina, strong and focused mind, emotional/physical balance and faster recovery of physical and emotional trauma.

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Homi Talk – Taoist Neigong Coaches

Maggie Huh

Maggie Huh is a Life Cartographer, Eastern philosopher, Qigong master, Feng Shui practitioner and researcher of Buddhist scripture. After working in hospitality and sales & marketing at international corporations, she felt a calling for change to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. She thus deepened her [...]