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Healing A guided journey for whatever needs soothing. Through a feeling of deep personal cleansing and rejuvenation, you’ll learn how to cultivate serenity and freedom.

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OM Chanting – Holistic Healing

OM is the universal sound of creation, the highest and purest vibration that exists.  OM Chanting is a group practice that uses the transformational power of OM to activate the self-healing potential of participants and purify the local environment for 2 kilometres.  Resonation of Om Chanting in specific circle formations creates powerful vibrations in the middle of the circle. These vibrations start restoring everything and everyone around. Just like you watch the waves created by one stone in the water, you can feel the wave’s effect from Om chanting too.

People from all kinds of religious and cultural backgrounds have been participating in OM Chanting groups all over the world for years now. This practise is meant for everyone.


  • Transform negativity into positive energy
  • Support your emotional, mental and physical well-being
  • Cultivate more love, joy and peace for the world
  • Releasing emotions and restoring peace
  • Improving the environment and the relationship between human and nature
  • Calming the mind and restoring the inner balance
  • Removing obstacles on your spiritual path
  • Help with spiritual heart opening and connecting to your high selves
  • Improved sleep
  • Offer support during pregnancy
Serenity Vibration Healing (SVH)

Serenity Vibration Healing (SVH) is a transformation modality for Quantum Level Reprogramming to help reformat limiting beliefs, conditioning, behaviors and patterning. In this session, Nikki will use the sound vibrations of alchemy crystal singing bowls with SVH to facilitate deep quantum level clearing, making this a truly trans formative experience!

Healing Coaches

Aldo Privileggi

Aldo Privileggi was born naturally gifted with a high level of intuitive talent and has embraced & further developed this into his own unique style and ability with his strong foundation and training in Classic & Modern Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression (Q.H.H.T), Yuen Method and [...]

Chew Yin Chan

Chew Yin Chan with over 20 years of experience in apparel and product design, Chew’s desire to explore more of her passions led her to the holistic world. She was involved in running a holistic wellness center several years ago and this helped to introduce her [...]

Sudha Nair

Sudha Nair holds a Bachelors degree in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences from the University of Ujire, India, and a Masters degree from Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Rehabilitation. She believes that the innate power of healing lies within every individual. She also believes that almost [...]

Maggie Huh

Maggie Huh is a Life Cartographer, Eastern philosopher, Qigong master, Feng Shui practitioner and researcher of Buddhist scripture. After working in hospitality and sales & marketing at international corporations, she felt a calling for change to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. She thus deepened her [...]

Hana Grobler

Hana Grobler is a Meditation and Healing Guide, Art Therapy Coach, Intuitive Artist, Certified OM Chanting & Project Mantra organizer and Atma Kriya Yogi Hana Grobler started to explore art therapy and meditation world when her life became demanding 7 years ago. It helped her to [...]

Carmen Sanz

Carmen Sanz , originally from Spain has been residing in Hong Kong for 3 years after traveling and training all over the world. She is certified in Integrative Vibrational Therapy, Tao Flow Teacher and Integral Hatha Yoga Teacher. Carmen is also Kids Yoga teacher, Thai [...]