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Gretchell Yaneza

Gretchell Yaneza is a Multidisciplinary Artist, Holistic Voice teacher, Spiritual guide and Alternative healing facilitator. For nearly 20 years, Gretchell has worked internationally in the corporate and music entertainment industries, while pursuing her love for natural medicine, creativity and consciousness development.

She traveled the world to train with world-renowned music mentors, spiritual teachers. She also master healers to seek natural, time-tested practices that are effective and applicable to the modern lifestyle. Her life changed when she decided to take a break from her career and live in remote temples as a ‘modern Buddhist nun’ to cultivate deeper awareness and refined meditative states.

Gretchell became a certified meditation instructor and an inner peace coach for The Middle Way Meditation Institution where she also served as a volunteer and global peace ambassador for over 8 years. Gretchell is a certified Holistic Healing facilitator and a life-long student. She has trained in various energy healing modalities and consciousness development tools such as Pranic healing, Usui reiki, Yuen method, MJD angelic reformation, conscious movement, breathing, voice activation, and others.

She guides people to access their unique gifts, creativity and soul’s wisdom so that they can create sustainable positive change from the inside-out. Her workshops are most known for the union of playfulness, light-heartedness and the disciplined effort necessary to succeed in the realm of spiritual development & higher consciousness.

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Gretchell Yaneza Class


In Japanese, Reiki means universal life force. This guided meditation starts with a guided Awareness meditation that flows to individual Reiki healing to leave you insightful, calm and refreshed. On a scientific level, studies show Reiki increases white blood cell count to boost the immune system. It can also relieve pain, insomnia, anxiety and much more. You only need to keep an open mind and set an intention on healing. As always, open to all levels.