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Enhale Family

Enhale Family In meditation and mindfulness for age-appropriate kids, your child will learn effective skills for mindfulness in this engaging class to improve attention, emotional balance, love for self and others.

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Enhale Family Coaches

Saptarshi Mukerji

Saptarshi Mukerji is a global citizen, born in India, grew up in India and New Zealand. Worked across the globe and travelled to experience cultures and food. By trade he is an engineer and currently works in the finance sector. Outside of his corporate job, [...]

What are some Sleep Hacks for the Daytime?

In Hong Kong, a lot of people are big nappers for weekends, if they have time. But if you’re getting enough sleep at night, you actually don’t need a nap during the day. The first rule of a nap is to keep it short or [...]

Understanding Sleep

As a culture in Hong Kong, we’re finally appreciating sleep.  We usual pride ourselves in being busy, having a full schedule, for social and work requirements each evening.  But research has shown how sleep can impact our life for the better. We learn valuing sleep [...]

The Foundation for World Peace, Tools for Wisdom & Music for Flow

“In order to fully realize and live our humanity, it is first necessary to recognize our divinity.

Lawrence Tse

Master Lawrence Tse started his Energy journey to learn Qigong when he was a teenager about 30 years ago. He has never stopped practicing it since then. After many years working on such a powerful Energy Tool, Qigong, he began to teach and heal both [...]

Homi Talk – Taoist Neigong

Homi Talk - Taoist Neigong (內功, internal power) Breathing Neigong is essentially about cultivating energy (qi) in your dantien, the field of elixir through breathing. This internal practice has been secretly passed down for thousands of years among Taoists, qigong practitioners as well as martial artists. [...]

Zuzana Sisiak

Zuzana Sisiak is a Reiki Master teacher, Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher. She is passionate about passing on her knowledge to others, to help them self-empower and create the change they need. She teaches and practices what she loves. Zuzana is a [...]

Ying Han Cheng

Ying Han Cheng celebrated for her contributions around the world, Ying Han is a multi-cultural bestselling life & business coach, speaker, author of You Only Live Once with the YOLO program spreading across 350 media outlets. She supports holistic transformations through mindfulness, practical spirituality, personal growth [...]

Wai Chung

Wai Chung found Meditation and Yoga in 2000 when she suffered with Chronic illness. She attended classes for 2 years where she adopted a yogic zen lifestyle and regained her health to the optimum where she was able to even pilgrim across India. She continued to [...]

Thomas Amiard

Thomas Amiard is a holistic therapist, personal development facilitator, sound engineer and multi-disciplinary artist. He has been dedicated to exploring sound, consciousness and creative processes for the last 20 years. Thomas specializes in healing practices expanding consciousness through natural means such as meditation, visualisation, breathwork, movement [...]