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Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath are made of clear quartz crystal. The energy of crystal quartz is clearing & energizing.
Clear quartz heals by clearing out blocked energy that is stuck in a person’s energetic structure. Quartz “loosens” up stagnant energy so that it can rejoin the energy flow.

Clear quartz also energizes. It is a conduit & provides a strong and clear channel for energy to come in and leave a person’s energetic structure.

Each bowl is a different color, the color of each chakra. Color is a wave, just like sound vibration. Each color has a different frequency. Red – Root Chakra; Orange – Sacral Chakra; Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra; Green – Heart Chakra; Blue – Throat Chakra; Indigo – Third Eye Chakra; Violet – Crown Chakra.

Similarly as the Tibetan Singing Bowls, chakra crystal singing bowls bowls are tuned to specific musical notes which correspond to the chakras, when a bowl attuned to a chakra is played it works to balance that chakra & remove stagnant energy from that chakra. Crystal singing bowls are one of the most powerful chakra balancing tools available because of this.

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Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath Coaches

Kate To

Kate To is a sound healing facilitator, yoga teacher and a piano teacher. She is a meditation and mindfulness practitioner, and is currently pursuing her reiki master certification. Kate began her path on sound healing about 5 years ago when she went to a crystal singing [...]

Sandrine Alexandroff

Sandrine Alexandroff love and devotion for yoga and mindfulness started more than 12 years ago in London. Since then she has been studying and practicing with many different teachers and learning from various yoga styles. She was certified as a Hatha yoga teacher with Yoga [...]

Malbert Lee

Malbert Lee brings his whole heart to sound meditation, a transformational mindfulness practise through sound vibration. He has trained with Gong and Singing Bowl masters around the world. As a yoga and sound meditation coach, Malbert encourages members to explore and unleash their full potential [...]