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crystal energy healing
60 minutes

Crystal Energy Healing Working with the vibrational energy of the crystals, to relax , clear and energize the body and mind.
In the medical and scientific community, there are disputes as to the validity of crystal healing as an alternative medical technique. While there is no scientific evidence that gemstone treatments can be used to cure ailments and protect against diseases, proponents of crystals believe these precious stones are conduits for channeling energy – for healing, fertility, success, spiritual growth and much more.

For life happenings, there is probably a stone for every type of mood, crisis or want. Interestingly, crystals like diamond, blue sapphire, ruby, amethyst, citrine, and tourmaline naturally vibrate at a higher frequency, promoting increased cellular energy, micro-circulation and clarity.

Also, because crystals are highly stable against environmental change like temperature, they are used as frequency control devices in electronics like computers, smartphones, and satellites so whether you know it or not, crystals are all around you!

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Crystal Energy Healing Coaches

Asia Piotrowiak

Asia Piotrowiak Several years in a high-pressure work environment led Asia to meditation practice. In search for inner peace, she went to Nepal where the majesty of Himalayas along with yoga and cosmic energy made her realise that she wanted to continue walking the path of [...]