Over the last 2 years, Enhale with 25 meditation coaches has served 10,000 clients. We have provided a space to be present, where clients come to realize that joy and peace come from within. Corona has made it challenging to gather and we’ve had to make the difficult decision to close our doors. We poured our hearts into providing a safe space but cannot continue to operate at this time. So to be mindful of our resources we will be focusing on private sessions. Effective from 28 August 2020, we will be closed until further notice. We hope you continue to meditate in groups, continue to be committed to the practise and let the magic of meditation enhance into your life.

Refunds: we will refund all valid purchases by September 30, 2020.
Questions: please email chill@enhalems.com by December 2020.
Thank you in advance for your support during this time of transition and we look forward to the day when Enhale can again be reborn.