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Private Class

We offer 60-minute private sessions with your preferred coach. You’ll get personalized expert guidance, catered to your goals. Deepen your meditation experience and keep progressing.

Not sure which coach to enlist? Our coaches have deep expertise in various skills. Contact us at chill@enhalems.com so we can discuss the right one for you.

Corporate Wellness

Best. Meeting. Ever.  We can come to you or you can come to us for corporate mindfulness, guided meditations, team building and cultural awareness programs.

Contact us at chill@enhalems.com to discuss a program for your team.


Use the law of attraction to manifest your perfect day, your dreams and to attract more abundance in your life.  Expand and enrich yourself with peace, stillness and intention setting.  The results – a successful and productive day!


Enjoy a heart-opening guided meditation designed to uplift you with calm awareness, while simultaneously balance your energy points.  We will blend essential oils to use during the class that will be inhaled and applied to each person.


Join us to restore balance in your energy zones (aka “chakras”)!  Proper flow of energy helps you feel safe, grounded, creative, empowered and connected. When one of these energy zones are ‘overactive’, they’re likely to destabilize the others and could result in behaviour you’re not too proud of.   ‘Underactive’ energies indications include mundane thinking and feelings of futility and unworthiness.  No thanks!  Enjoy the class to explore these areas, and leave feeling more balanced and whole.

Breath Work

If you’re reading this, you’re probably breathing. Look at you… practicing already! Great for sports performance optimization and mental clarity, this class teaches various breathing techniques to achieve the optimal state of being.  The breath unlocks stored stresses, allowing you to tune into self-healing.  Benefits include improving the body’s alkalinity, oxygen utilization, digestion and reducing inflammation.  It’s a wild ride… just breathe.


Need an espresso? By learning how to surf with the energy that’s around you, this meditation will help increase your aliveness and vitality.

For Executive Minds

Is life a little too fast-faced these days?  Come to slow down, address your breath and dissolve that intensity.  Walk out feeling aware, focused and grounded.


Amplify your attitude of gratitude to cultivate a space of positivity, peace and acceptance. Love yourself, love your life!


A guided journey for whatever needs soothing. Through a feeling of deep personal cleansing and rejuvenation, you’ll learn how to cultivate serenity and freedom.


Whatever is going on in life, living with intention helps you be in the flow. This meditation tunes you to what you want and opens you to receiving it.  Cultivate serenity and freedom.

Life Force: Pre & Post Natal, Infertility

This special self-healing Qi meditation is all about babies.  It’s for men and women who want to be pregnant, are expecting or recovering after.  This guided meditation seeks to activate specific energy centers for self-healing.  So for those trying to conceive, it addresses what traditional Chinese medicine would refer to as “warming the womb”.  For those with post-partum, this meditation seeks to rebalance hormones.  And for those pregnant, this helps in easing the birth.  And for everyone, it seeks to help nourish the brain to prevent dementia, depression and stagnation, as well as promoting optimism and a strong immune system.


Shed off some of your daily burdens and lighten your body and mind with this class. Is there some stress you need to shake off? Are modern concerns weighing on your mind? Lighten the load and keep that spring in your step with this feel good meditation to help you re-balance back to your true self.

Loving Kindness

Embrace the joy within through compassion and happiness practices. Be guided step-by-step in a loving-kindness meditation, which can change your day and your perspective. Leave with more compassion and empathy towards others and yourself.


From the vibes of rhythms and sounds, repeating an affirmation in your mind or out loud can still your brain. There are many ways to work with words or phrases that can unwind tension and stimulate energy. With repetition, a mantra can help you change your inner dialog from criticizing to congratulating, leaving you feeling grounded, and as the greatest version of you. Fun fact: Humming is an extremely effective means of increasing sinus ventilation, up to 15 times more effective than silent breathing.


Develop your brain muscles to accepting your thoughts, emotions and everything that’s happening… just the way it is, without judgement. Watch how it’ll cultivate awareness, acceptance and a sweet state of stillness.

Mindful Art

Reconnect with your inner creativity through mindfulness-based art.  This session uses different mediums of arts to observe, reflect and listen.  Techniques covered may include drawing, coloring, cutting, collages, writing and sharing.  The creative experience will help you connect to your deeper dimensions, finding your inner resources and new insights.  No art skills required to be expressive.

Mindful Movement

Gently and slowly move your body while placing 100% of your attention on noticing and feeling what your body does throughout those movements.  Be in a bubble of present awareness as you’re focusing on your body and how each movement feels.  In mindful movement, we practice being aware of our whole body so that we can live mindfully in daily life.

Mindful Calligraphy

In a unique calligraphy experience, synchronise your breathing with the movement and pressure of the brush.  Learn penmanship in your own bubble of present awareness.  No experience required, with classes different each time.  Be pleasantly surprised how enjoyable and relaxing it is to gift yourself this moment.  Odd dates are upper case lettering and even dates are lower case.

Full / New Moon

Full Moon: the most important time to pause and reflect.  The full moon signals an end of a cycle, so we can let go of things that no longer suit us.  In this guided meditation, we share our intentions and focus our energy on creating more of what we want.  Tune in to your inner wisdom and replenish for the upcoming month.

New Moon:  The new moon signals a start of a cycle, a great time to start a new intention.   Chill with a relaxing sound meditation journey, with Crystal Alchemy Bowls and healing Reiki light, as you release what no longer serves you, raise your vibration, and manifest your intentions.

Peak Hike Sunrise Meditation

Start off your day wonderfully with a sunrise hike and Qi meditation.  Start at the meeting point on the intersection of Hatton and Conduit Road.  From there, enjoy a guided mindfulness hike up the peak, followed by a 25 minute guided meditation.  Hong Kong has never looked so beautiful.


Qi is the life energy that is said to flow through all things.  In this class, engage your qi, drop your brain waves to meditative states and support the flow of qi in your energy meridian system.  The class starts with a mental detox and relaxation techniques, and finishes with positive visualization.  Leave feeling refreshed, recharged and relaxed.  Conscious regulation of qi helps you be optimistic, confident, observant and creative.


In Japanese, Reiki means universal life force.  This guided meditation starts with a guided Awareness meditation that flows to individual Reiki healing to leave you insightful, calm and refreshed.  On a scientific level, studies show Reiki increases white blood cell count to boost the immune system.  It can also relieve pain, insomnia, anxiety and much more. You only need to keep an open mind and set an intention on healing.  As always, open to all levels.

Restorative Movement

Pair your meditation with gentle movement, stretching and self-massage that is guaranteed to unwind your tensions, activate your natural relaxation reflex and settle your mind. Enjoy improved flexibility, joints condition, blood circulation, relaxation and vitality.

Sound Bath

Immerse yourself in grounding good vibes. In this class, lie down and unwind to the sounds of Gongs, Crystal, Himalayan or Tibetan Bowls that transport you to a state of calm and inspiration.  Feel the tension melt away to a gentle state of lightness.
Alchemy Bowls:  Crystal bowls infused with rare crystal and gemstones that transport you to a state of calm and inspiration
Gong Bath:  Gong vibes can return and reset your mind-body so you can perform at your best for the rest of the day!

Tea Ceremony

Cha Dao or ‘The Way of Tea’, is a path to the meditative mind.  Through the tea leaf, we are reminded of our connection to nature, and are called to meditation and reflection.  We introduce ‘Bowl Tea’ and the essence and simplicity of Tea as a plant teacher.  Cultivate self-healing and awakened inner harmony, clarity and peace.

Yoga Nidra / Yogic Sleep

If the lying down part of yoga is your favorite, then this is the class for you.  Known as Yoga Nidra or Sleeping Yoga, this class guarantees deep relaxation. Great for anyone in the mood to chill out in a heavily guided meditation ride.

Yogic Breathing

Pranayama is the foundation of your yoga practice.  It begins with deepening your breathing, then more specific techniques.  Practice the precise regulation of the breath – part of the autonomic nervous system – to benefit from better carbon dioxide expulsion, blood circulation, digestion and blood pressure.

Meditation 101

Gear your toolbelt with an assortment of meditation techniques to release the tension of the week and renew for what’s ahead. Gain introspective tools that help sharpen concentration, bring mental clarity, peace and presence. Let go of all your mental clutter and find some stillness with this introductory class.

Enhale Family

In meditation and mindfulness for age-appropriate kids, your child will learn effective skills for mindfulness in this engaging class to improve attention, emotional balance, love for self and others.