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Chew Yin Chan

Chew Yin Chan with over 20 years of experience in apparel and product design, Chew’s desire to explore more of her passions led her to the holistic world. She was involved in running a holistic wellness center several years ago and this helped to introduce her to many modalities and inspired her to develop self-awareness and self-connection within herself and others. Chew believes that we are all works in progress and working with crystals and essential oils has become Chew’s passion and technique for healing and enhancing spiritual awareness, especially through mediation.

Having found this passion for mindfulness and healing, Chew trained to become a practitioner at The Sanctuary HK, and currently practices around Hong Kong.

Her meditations are about connecting to your 5th dimension or higher self, enabling clients to discover the connections for themselves.

Chew says: “Start with your thoughts, focus on the positive aspects, be grateful for them and be in the present. We are only humans and this takes practice. Once you are less stressed, happier and healthier, you can consciously make life choices that are positive for your well-being”
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Chew Yin Chan Classes


Join us to restore balance in your energy zones (aka “chakras”)! Proper flow of energy helps you feel safe, grounded, creative, empowered and connected. When one of these energy zones are ‘overactive’, they’re likely to destabilize the others and could result in behaviour you’re not too proud of. ‘Underactive’ energies indications include mundane thinking and feelings of futility and unworthiness. No thanks! Enjoy the class to explore these areas, and leave feeling more balanced and whole.


Need an espresso? By learning how to surf with the energy that’s around you, this meditation will help increase your aliveness and vitality.


Amplify your attitude of gratitude to cultivate a space of positivity, peace and acceptance. Love yourself, love your life!


A guided journey for whatever needs soothing. Through a feeling of deep personal cleansing and rejuvenation, you’ll learn how to cultivate serenity and freedom.


Whatever is going on in life, living with intention helps you be in the flow. This meditation tunes you to what you want and opens you to receiving it. Cultivate serenity and freedom.


Shed off some of your daily burdens and lighten your body and mind with this class. Is there some stress you need to shake off? Are modern concerns weighing on your mind? Lighten the load and keep that spring in your step with this feel good meditation to help you re-balance back to your true self.