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Channeled Energy with Raindrop Technique Intuitive Raindrop is a combination of channelled energy work with Raindrop technique®.  Raindrop therapy, also called Raindrop Technique, is an aromatherapy massage technique created by the late D. Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils. It involves applying a series

The most famous tarot card movie scene is probably that from James Bond.  A tarot card reader draws the "Death" card, signifying death and danger to our 007 hero.   But actually that's the wrong interpretation of the card.  The Death card is about rebirth, like

The first time someone told me about Ayahuasca, I thought it was spelt Iowaska.  I also heard that you throw up every where and get super dizzy.  I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to get such a 'high' from taking drugs.   Upon researching further,

Latest update as of today: -5997 people have been confirmed infected. -103 have recovered. -132 have died. You have a 98% chance of survival even if you're infected. About the virus: 1. It is pretty large in size (cell is about 400-500nm diameter), so any normal mask (not

Enter the Year of the Rat As always, we keep our doors open over any holiday period. Schedules may alter slightly, but you will always be able to come to find some calm and peace at Enhale during holidays. The start of this Lunar New Year is no

From Ronnie Dreyer and Bob Marks Astrology: As we begin this year, we are already witnessing so much of the world in disarray.  Trump's impeachment trials, Australian bush fires, Paris strikes, Modi's government with Anti-muslim laws, Brexit, the U.S.-Iran conflict, and many deaths and births. Rather than