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Brian Lai

Brian Lai Brian was introduced to the world of breathwork during his own personal journey to heal himself from several health issues and discovered a person doing superhuman things called Wim Hof whose method was able to do exactly that and much more!

Long story short, Brian was trained directly under Wim Hof and became the first certified instructor in Australia and Asia and has since trained with other breathwork masters including Dan Brulé (personal breathing coach to Tony Robbins and NAVY SEALS) and Stig Severinson (world’s greatest free driver with a WR 22 minute breath hold).

Combining all of his learnings from around the world, Brian is now on a mission to help the people of Hong Kong improve their quality of life by breathing better.

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Brian Lai Class

Breathwork and Meditation Training

60 minutes Breathwork and Meditation Training The cornerstone of all energy work and introspection is via the breath. Indeed, who hasn’t been in a yoga class where you’ve been told to focus on the breath? Yet I would be comfortable in suggesting that this same [...]


Breath Work is an active, guided meditation that clears the body of stuck energy and releases suppressed emotions. This breathwork technique is a cathartic, somatic experience that allows us to tap into a deeper level of the subconscious to reveal inner truths and shine light [...]

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