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Brenda Pang

Brenda Pang, founder of Nature Yoga, is a gong healer, sound therapy practitioner and Kundalini Yoga teacher. Brenda has studied sound, voice toning and rhythm with masters worldwide.

She loves to accompany her Gong sessions with mantras, the harmonium and shruti box because it resonates with her deeply to promote the therapeutic and calming influence of these vibes. “Sound therapy opens my heart to listen to a vibration.

It stops the chatter of opinions or daily problems and focuses me back to peace and joy within without resistance”.

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Brenda Pang Class

Sound Bath

Immerse yourself in grounding good vibes. In this class, lie down and unwind to the sounds of Gongs, Crystal, Himalayan or Tibetan Bowls that transport you to a state of calm and inspiration. Feel the tension melt away to a gentle state of lightness.

Gong Bath: Gong vibes can return and reset your mind-body so you can perform at your best for the rest of the day!

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