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Breathwork and Meditation Training
60 minutes

Breathwork and Meditation Training The cornerstone of all energy work and introspection is via the breath. Indeed, who hasn’t been in a yoga class where you’ve been told to focus on the breath? Yet I would be comfortable in suggesting that this same teacher didn’t or couldn’t explain why the breath is so fundamentally important to your practice! Within this training we will dive deep into the practice of full Pranayama to help you unlock the power of your breath and to bring you into a more complete union between body and energy. We will explore traditional and non-traditional Breathwork alike to find a balance between practice and function with the end result being a more complete and total understanding of body and mind.

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Breathwork and Meditation Training Coaches

Bruce Taylor

Bruce Taylor Bruce Taylor has always had a connection to Qi, or vital life energy, since a very young age. He is dedicated to balancing the energy within so we can flourish in our lives. Bruce Taylor is a Reiki Grandmaster in Usui Reiki, and [...]

Brian Lai

Brian Lai Brian was introduced to the world of breathwork during his own personal journey to heal himself from several health issues and discovered a person doing superhuman things called Wim Hof whose method was able to do exactly that and much more! Long story [...]

Ambikha Devi

Ambikha Devi is an internationally recognized meditation instructor with a Master’s Degree In Yogic Science from Manonmaniam Sundarar University, India. Ambikha’s personal healing journey began 15 years ago when she studied with various masters in the different healing modalities and yoga lineages. Her gurus guided [...]