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Angie Bucu

Angie Bucu has been offering mindfulness meditations and practices since 2012 and supporting others on their journey.  After leaving the corporate world, her path to meditation and wellness began with a Master of Wellness.  She also teaches university students in the art of Mind-Body Wellness.

When she became aware of the profound benefits these students experienced, Angie then certified as a mindfulness instructor and a mindfulness teacher trainer with the Academy for Mindful Teaching.  Angie is passionate about the beneficial effects of using mindfulness and meditation in our daily lives. In helping others she find the opportunity to transform and enjoy more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Mindfulness – training our attention and building awareness – offers us an opportunity to pause the busyness. To observe and accept what is happening in the here and now, and apply compassion to ourselves and others.

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Angie Bucu Classes

For Executive Minds

Is life a little too fast-faced these days? Come to slow down, address your breath and dissolve that intensity. Walk out feeling aware, focused and grounded.

Mindfulness Meditation for Connection and Self Care

This class teaches you Mindfulness Meditation practices to support those who care for others. Whether it’s children, the elderly, partners or others we care for we often forget to support ourselves in this role. In these sessions you will have the opportunity to pause, connect and observe your Inner experience in an open, kind and caring way, without being gripped by the storm of emotions, doubts or insecurities. The mindfulness practices will include body and
breath awareness and compassion exercises.

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