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Ambikha’s Travel Tales – Peru

In May 2019, Ambikha Devi traveled to Peru to spend some time to do deep work with Plant Medicine and where better to have teachings for this than the Amazon. Below is an excerpt of her experience:

“My experience in Peru, was such a profound experience. My intention of going to Peru was to do a do a deep work with Plant Medicine. I was called to Peru to work with a Master Plant named ‘Noya Rao’ ( Tree of Light) and in order for me to build relationship to this Master Plant I was told by the elderly shaman I will be working with in Peru. That I have to live in isolation in the jungle for 21 days..go on a strict diet called “ Dieta” in Spanish, where I eat very simple food with no salt, oil, sugar, spices, and fasting every other day.  With the love and guidance with this Powerful Elderly Shaman- an 80 year  old Grandmother Maestra Manuela. She holds a 5000 year unbroken Lineage of Healers and Shamans where I was in Pucallpa at the Amazon. I’m grateful to be guided with her on this transformational journey with the Plant Medicine.  The Plant Medicine shows how connected we are in all that we do, and the important work were doing within our community, with women, men, elders, children and holding space, Sharing our Medicine and building community.

I have some beautiful moments when the Grandmother came and gave me the teaching and also some tough times as well when I’ve was shown my darkest shadow and fears and I have to sit with it. Because it’s showing me the truth of my being, my existence what’s really happening inside. And also it’s showing me what is possible without the influence of the mind and the limitations of the physical form. That all challenges I am presenting into this present reality. My Issue it has no space on that space of Pure Love.

This Master Plant I am working with Noya Rao – Carries the vibration of Love. My grandmother Onanya (it means wisdom holder in Shipibo language, local tribe in the Peruvian Amazon ) reminded me that now the spirit of the Master Plant is now in every cell of my body. I now carry the wisdom of the Plant Medicine. Mother Noya Rao invites us and reminds us to always align our energy within that vibration or the frequency of Love. Ultimately the Plant Medicine reminding us to love ourselves and take care of our bodies. If we can love ourselves, will have the capability to love others and the world.
After each and every ceremony, we reserved a lot of time for integration and that can only be done in a space of silence. Meditation has been my greatest ally in the jungle and a great support for my journey with Plant medicine. The Plant Medicine really works well within that space of silence, and during the day, the teaching continued in that space of deep meditation.
I am not the same after this journey, another layer has been peeled off, guided by the wisdom of the Plant Medicine. My meditation goes even deeper, more connected to all the elements, and the spirits and different energies. There is an expansive of even greater understanding of consciousness. An inner knowing and deep awareness of this existence and the part I play on this great unfolding.”