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Aldo Privileggi was born naturally gifted with a high level of intuitive talent and has embraced & further developed this into his own unique style and ability with his strong foundation and training in Classic & Modern Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression (Q.H.H.T), Yuen Method and other various healing Modalities of Hypnosis and NLP.

He is well known for his unique ability to unleash one’s full potentiality and his profound simplicity, going right to the source of any challenge; allowing all that he comes across to have extraordinary breakthroughs and results over a very short period of time. Combining this highly intuitive deep feeling produces a natural psychological ability to acclimate and handle emotional and personal issues (vulnerable areas) very well.

Aldo has a love affair going with the mind/subconscious thus deriving a built-in sense of discrimination when it comes to the intellect and value’s its offspring: Confidentiality, Goals, Words, Ideas, Thoughts, and such.

Aldo Privileggi is the Author of “Man is Moving Beyond Sickness.” A book of tools for transformation. He has lived, worked and from the UK, U.S.A., Australia, China, Hong Kong, Bali, Singapore, and more through his journey in learning, growing and sharing.

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Hypnos Meditation

Higher Vibation

Healing Meditation – Thursdays 8:30pm

In this class, coach Aldo Privileggi’s seasoned approach to meditation combines both, his extensive experience in meditation and therapy. Merging and unifying these complimentary formats, he cultivates a soul soothing, nurturing internal and external space for you. This has proven to be a popular and appealing way to access inner deep peace and calmness within.

Combining over ten years of professional clinical therapy/coaching and forty years of Meditation experience Aldo has cultivated a beautiful synergistic way of teaching. His ability to connect with individuals energetically and the collective energy field of the class has been described as remarkable.

This meditation is designed to increases the inner awareness and focus of the innate ability of the students to identify their internal resistances and blocks and dissolving them, thus leading toward well-being, peace, balance and happiness.

Hypo-Manifestation Meditation

Hypno Manifestation Meditation
(releasing unconscious blocks & limiting beliefs)

➢ Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try you never seem to make progress to your goal or get what you want?
➢ Have you had the thought that there must be more to life and pondered what your purpose might be?
➢ Have you ever had the experience that just when things are going well something happens to sabotage your success?
➢ Do you know what your inner abilities and gifts truly are?
➢ Have you ever asked the question, how would my life be different if I made all of my choices based on my higher self and intuition?

Our quality of life is dramatically affected by the quality of the questions we ask ourselves! In this class Aldo will guide an insightful technique to identify hidden blockages that are holding you back and hinderences to your success. Then Aldo will guide a beautiful inner experience synchronization with his words and suggestions. The intent is to connect with inner clarity & illumination to release hidden unconscious blocks and limiting beliefs.

This cleansing and rejuvenating experience is designed to reconnect you with your creative abilities, intuition, hidden talents and gifts.

Suitable for all Levels and ages.


Tarot and Oracle Readings (Specific and General readings) – This is available as a Private Session.

Aldo is well know for his Intuitive/Psychic sensitivity, deep insight and healing abilities. He combines these skills with the ancient knowledge of the Tarot & Oracle cards.

Aldo’s compassionate approach to these powerful readings can shine light and clarity into feelings of stuck-ness, feeling bogged down, or confusion in areas of relationships, career,  life purpose, health and well being etc. This can greatly assist you in moving forward into new energy, releasing blocks, self sabotage patterns and assisting you in many ways.

Aldo Privileggi Classes

Hypno Meditation

releasing unconscious blocks & limiting beliefs – 60 minutes Hypno Meditation Our quality of life is dramatically affected by the quality of the questions we ask ourselves! In this class Aldo will guide an insightful technique to identify hidden blockages that are holding you back [...]

Energy Meditation

Energy Meditation A few of our coaches do energy meditations. This can be in the form of Qi, Reiki or Universal Energy. What happens in these sessions is that the participant will be guided through a body scan, or a breathing sequence and at the same [...]

Channeled Meditation

Channeled Meditation involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness. By channeling your higher self, you’re able to diverge from the physical plane and gain access into the spiritual plane. The goals of channeling and mindfulness [...]


Breath Work is an active, guided meditation that clears the body of stuck energy and releases suppressed emotions. This breathwork technique is a cathartic, somatic experience that allows us to tap into a deeper level of the subconscious to reveal inner truths and shine light [...]


  • Sofia
    May 13, 2020

    Thank you Aldo

    My Testimonial For Aldo

    It is typically not in my nature to write any public review or testimonial – this is the first testimonial I write in my life. I have a strong calling to write this testimonial for Aldo because he has transformed my life or transformed my life dozens of times! I have got to love myself and love my life in a much deeper and profound way. I believe that many people can also benefit from the holistic and transformative healing gifts of Aldo. I hope that by me sharing this testimonial, more people can learn about his gifts, and benefit from the love and light that he brings, and to those around you.

    Why do I recommend Aldo?

    Prior to meeting Aldo, I was suffering from chronic insomnia (~ 9 months of not sleeping properly). I tried out all sorts of therapies, healing modalities, did my fair share of guru-shopping – they all worked like temporary band-aids, i.e. I would feel better for a few days and revert to the suffering from insomnia.

    The first session with Aldo worked like magic, he took me on a hypnotherapy journey, and for the week after, I slept as soundly as a baby (a very high quality of sleep that I had not enjoyed for years if not for a decade). That was my first experience of the power of working with the subconscious.

    Since then, Aldo has worked with me to peel off layers and layers of childhood, familial conditioning, and karmic patterns.
    I have transformed from being a person that is stressed and anxious most of the time (I was not even conscious of it previously!), to a person that is mostly stress-free and centred; and from being a person disconnected from emotions to being able to use emotions to learn about myself, and much better flow with it…
    I have also learnt to appreciate every challenging relationship I come across is truly a gift and use it to find my inner truth.

    As a result of the deep, penetrative work in my subconscious thanks to Aldo, I am living my life mostly in a positive state of being, I am able to enjoy much better work relationships and personal relationships, I have also been able to achieve successes in my professional life, doing what I love. I can honestly credit my significant results and accomplishments in my career, since the time I met Aldo to his transformative healing.

    [I have also experienced the connection of emotional and physical well-being. I used to be a frequent visitor to the doctors (doctors’ visit once a month is common, sometimes more than once a month); since the therapies with Aldo, I have become noticeably physically healthier, and much less prone to falling sick – (touch wood), I was able to not having to visit the doctors for consecutive 5 – 6 months. It’s a remarkable change!]
    One thing that set Aldo apart is his humility and his growth attitude. He never stops growing and developing personally. Despite his powerful gift (as I perceive), he remains humble and constantly keeps his ego in check. This is very refreshing for me, as I had experiences of easily spotting complacency or stagnancy rather quickly with other healers after working with them a couple sessions. I can attest that Aldo is a healer than one can grow with.

    Who would I recommend Aldo to?

    I would recommend anyone who is looking for healing experiences that are highly efficient, effective, and completely effortless, whether to solve a one-off illness or obstacle, or for a deeper transformative series, and in particular.

    To anyone who has difficulties with
    – Insomnia
    – Stress and anxiety
    – Physical pain / illness
    – Challenging relationships (work, family, romantic)

    And also, to anyone who is looking to:
    – Manifest successes at work and experience abundance
    – Find his/her own true self
    – Uncover his/her own inner potentials
    – Practice self-love
    – Transform own life and experience positive transformation around him/herself
    – Release own subconscious blockages, conditioning, programs from family and childhood, and even karmic patterns
    – Grow

    How would I describe the healing experiences?

    I would describe the healing experiences are better than having a spa/ facial.
    Each session is a pleasurable discovery itself, you can never predict which approach Aldo will take, but they are always extraordinarily pampering, amazing and sensational.

    Applying his intuitive and psychic gifts, he knows exactly what I need for that particular moment in time, and draws from his vast toolbox of multiple modalities (hypnotherapy, QHHT, quantum touch, channelling etc.), to help me release deep subconscious programs that do not serve me. I appreciate his consistency of high standards and precision.

    Every session feels like a transformation in itself.

    Thank you, Aldo.


  • Paul
    September 17, 2019

    I love the meditation studio

    The meditation studio is superb. I will recommend this to everyone and specially the coach.


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