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3 Ways to Bring Mindfulness Home

Mindfulness, now championed by the 1%-ers, started a thousand years ago as a grassroots campaign.  What is it and why does it work?  Mindfulness is a higher-order attention for noticing the state and change of things around us.  The goal is joy, creativity and to sharpen our experience of the flavours of life.

There are 2 paths to mindfulness – passive and active.  The passive way includes stillness, contemplation, reflection and quietude to achieve mindfulness.  The active way involves fresh creativity and proactive thinking to deepen our experience of life.  Much like a tourist tasting a dish for the first time might notice details that locals take for granted.  When we’re learning or in unfamiliar territory, we are more open to different tastes, experiences and less fixed in our perspective.

Given the power of mindfulness to instill joy and to enrich how we experience life, here are 3 ways to introduce mindfulness at home

  • Mindful Showering:  Before starting, set a personal intention to dissolve tension with a shower.  Mindfully feel the water as it hits your fingers, and notice how grateful you are for warm, running water.  Wash your body in a different manner than usual, changing the sequence or using the other hand.    Notice if your thoughts turn to the future or the past.  Just observe, without judging it as good or bad. And finally, mindfully and slowly towel dry, noticing how peaceful you feel.


  • Gratitude Attitude:  Tie a rubber band around your toothbrush so that every time you pick it up, you give thanks to 3 things for which you’re grateful.  Sound easy?  It is!  Watch how it puts your mind at ease.


  • Grounding 1 Minute Meditation:  find a moment of stillness and close your eyes.  Place your feet on the floor and, like a tree, visualize roots from your feet to the center of the earth. Breathe in, feeling the lungs expanding.  Breathe out, feeling a sense of letting go, releasing any tension.  Thoughts are normal.  Keep coming back to the practice without beating yourself up.  Notice how grounded you feel after a minute.