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General descriptions for houses are as follows: Ascendant and House 1. personality, body, appearance House 2. finances, possessions, values House 3. communication, siblings, short journeys, learning House 4. family, mother, home House 5. children, recreation, entertainment House 6. health, service, pets House 7. marriage, contracts, partnership House 8. business transactions, sexuality, life and death matters House 9.

All over the world, we see that the explicit and unspoken arrangements essential for holding society together are no longer working. The movement of these large, powerful planets through the sign of Capricorn calls for deep cleaning and societal realignment. As the coronavirus situation unfolds,

Studies show that long-term meditators have an increased amount of gray matter in the insula and sensory regions, the auditory and sensory cortex.  Which makes perfect sense. When we’re mindful, we pay attention to our surroundings, sounds, our present experience and even our breathing.  We