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Let’s Talk About Sleep

Let’s Talk About Sleep

Harvard researchers estimate 80% of doctor visits are caused by stress.  50% of adults suffer from insomnia a few nights a week.  Meditation is the single most powerful stress relieving tool available by natural means.  Chronic stressed is toxic.  Our sessions show you methods and techniques to be happier and better cope with the stresses of life, whatever form they might take.  Try our classes with Buy1 Get1 Free at $230.

Amazing Things Are Happening This Week
YOGA NIDRA: Great to mindfully chill, this class guarantees deep relaxation and introspection.  Be guided in this meditation with binaural beats while resting in your favorite yoga pose — the lying down one.  Thursdays.
PRE & POST NATAL: Through a gentle guided meditation and breathing techniques, work towards creating a harmonic resonance between mother and child, nurturing both at the same time.  Wednesdays.
Mindfulness Courses
Want to learn self healing?  You’ll learn the basics of Reiki and energy work in this course.  Learn the Western theory as it applies to Eastern traditions.  The course is great for those who want to tap into healing energy for themselves or others.   HK$1,800 including course material, certification of completion and follow-ups with Reiki Grandmaster Bruce Taylor.
SUNDAY March 24, 4-8pm
Amazing Things Are Happening This Week
Sound Bath & Manifesting Your Goals Meditation
Every week this meditation will be guided by the moon, with coach Katherine Dale.  Focus your energy on creating more of what you want and raise your vibrations.  Let go of what no longer serves you to welcome the good stuff in your life
Sound Bath
If you don’t think you can meditate, sound baths have a way of putting you in the meditation state of mind.  Be gently guided to healing sound therapy with Gongs, Crystal Bowls and Himalayan Bowls
Peak Hike Sunrise Meditation
Kick start your day with a sunrise hike and meditation at the peak.  Kill two birds with one stone! Your work out done and your intention is set to go!   
Osho Meditation
Combining humming and hand movements, feel harmony in your whole being.  With the body and mind in tune, witness yourself from the outside, bringing bliss and stillness.
Mindful Meditation for Grounding & De-stress
Be mindful with your thoughts, movements and emotions within yourself and be gentle with it. Learn to accept them without any judgement.
Monday and Thursday
Private Events: You Come to Us
Celebrate With Us
Book a session for your friends, clients or teammates.  Come to our beautiful and convenient space for an differentiated, relaxing event to be remembered.
Private Events: We Go To You
Best. Meeting. Ever. 
Enhale workshops are exclusive to your friends, team and clients.  They include guided meditations,corporate mindfulness, relevant to enhance performance, communication and emotional balance.  We also provide team-building and cultural awareness programs.


Monthly Membership: Unlimited – HK$1,180/month

Invest in Yourself.  All the classes all the time. Build your best life

First Time Intro Offer:  Buy 1 Get 1 Free Class — HK$230.  Check out fun classes within a month

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